The only city that makes you fall in love at first sight, with the magnificent historical structures and with its mystic aura. And the only city where you can sip on your Turkish Coffee and go to another continent before you even finish it. Istanbul…

I have always been impressed by the Ottoman and Pera style houses that have been succumbed to the time in the city that I live in since 1985. My dream of returning these beautiful vintage mansions to their magnificent old days has been a priority purpose for me in course of time. Finally a wooden house at Sultanahmet, hosted to the 2nd President of Turkish Republic as the presidental house for a while and has been used as a film set for some Yesilcam Turkish Movies was the first ring of my dreams.

With the power and inspiration from the people’s attention to Villa Hagia Sophia, I added another ring to my dreams in the heart of the sleepless city. Villa Pera Suites are registered historical monuments and they have been restored originally as two buildings across from each other. They are 250 meters away from the Taksim Square. As a result of approximately 3 years period of restoration work, there are carefully decorated 5 Deluxe Suites and 4 Deluxe Rooms.

I will be pleased to have you as my guest at Villa Pera Suite Hotel to share my excitement.